Your Spiritual Checklist for Abundance & Prosperity


For most of us, there are a few dramatic hurdles to jump over in the human experience. One of the top ones is the chronic need for abundance and prosperity. Here’s your quick checklist for your abundance. Each one entails an ongoing practice. Take a look and see how you’re doing. (Many of them are advanced healing tools).

  1. The Prosperity Mindset – hold open what’s possible for you, if you dare! And, without limit!
  2. Square with the fact that you deserve it – and more!
  3. Challenge inner negative thoughts that affirm doubt and fear, which undermine your ability to succeed. Just because you think a thought doesn’t make it true.
  4. Get the big picture: Who are you really? Where are you from and where will you go after your earth experience? This is in charge of determining everything! Let your soul guide this. It knows!
  5. Identify your greatness! Name at least 3 of your qualities of greatness. What’s so important about these qualities? How’s your value now?
  6. Set an intention that you will hold for your greatness. (“My greatness is greater than my smallness. I allow my greatness to lead the way!”)
  7. Practice your identity of greatness – the real you! Who are you? The great one, that’s who! Project that as a blessing into the world, into all your areas of work and money. This isn’t an ego practice. It’s your spiritual practice! And it’s imperative. The world is waiting for you! The world needs this from you! (We do this for our competitors too).
  8. Determine that abundance is part of your destiny-package, for yourself and all who you engage. Your destiny is loaded with prosperity for yourself and others!
  9. Increase your ability to intuit divine guidance. Keep listening and following that – little by little, day by day. Follow that light!

For the last 17 years, I’ve been the CSO (Chief Spiritual Officer) of my husband and his partner’s real estate business. We’ve practiced all the above, over and over. These practices have become our habits and they’ve developed us into who we are today. We continue to grow and expand in them. This is the typical subject matter that we discuss at our weekly business meetings.

We’ve watched over the years as difficult economic conditions hit, including when the real estate bubble crashed in 2007, and the U.S. economy almost tanked into a total depression. Many agents left the business then. We hoped we would survive. We prayed a lot, listening to divine guidance daily – sometimes hourly.

We continued to persevere.  Over the years, we’ve learned a lot. Our prosperity is both needed and very important to us. We don’t seek from greed. We do, however, expect abundance for ourselves and our clients as well. We also want other agents to succeed too. And we practice that there is more than enough for us all!

As we’ve grown with each of the items on the checklist for abundance and prosperity, we’ve found ourselves being described by others as highly successful & likeable. We have gained a reputation that’s admirable. We’ve risen to become the number one, dominant agents in our area.

But there’s far more at stake than an abundance of money.

The epic generational struggle for prosperity needs to end. And, as each of us take steps outside our little box of limitation and hardship about making money, we take everyone up the ladder with us. Our efforts actually improve the collective consciousness, making it easier for others who come after us. We (meaning you, too) are breaking barriers on how to approach money, how to make it, and how to think about it and ourselves in the process.

That’s how it works in a spiritual practice. When the tide of prosperity comes in, all boats rise together. As you rise in your destined greatness and you visualize everyone helping you and you helping them, you will rise into even greater realms of prosperity with grace and even love.

We are all a team, working out an extremely challenging hurdle in the human experience. One day, we will succeed in overcoming the extremes of the human condition, which create massive & dreadful suffering throughout the ages. It’s time for this to change. By following this spiritual checklist for abundance and prosperity, you will make an enormous difference for yourself, others, and those who will follow you for years to come.

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