What Percent of Your Life Do You Spend in Spirit World? And How Can You Increase It?

From my many years of healing experience, I can tell you that healing begins when you turn your thought towards Spirit World (i.e., Source, Spirit, angels, divine Allness, heaven, or whatever is your best word to describe the experience of God).

From that place, we can begin to drink in the wonders of holiness and begin remembering who we truly are, our divine origin and nature.

In fact, I’ve found that the more time I spend in Spirit World, the more powerful the outcomes. Even transformation occurs, often transforming the entire problem into a huge change for the better! And yet, all I did was turn my thought towards Spirit World for healing and allow a solution to come, while I continued to let my thought reside (as best I could) in Spirit. This is often referred to as dwelling in Spirit.

I have learned (and you can too) that Spirit World is a true refuge and a place where you can do much releasing of fears, stress, worries, anxieties, anguish, limitations, and frustrations, which we experience in mass doses in our 3D, physical lives on earth!

Here are graphs showing three different scenarios.  Each of these graphs reveals the amount of time you visit or reside in Spirit World (through prayer, meditation, reflection, contemplation, or any other spiritual practice).

SW graph 1

SW graph 2

SP grpah 3

From the first graph to the third one, there is an enormous increase in your spiritual power on earth, just from going to Spirit. As you look at each graph, see which is your current pattern. What percent of your life do you spend in Spirit World?

For most, there’s a zig zag approach, living more in 3D than in Spirit World.

Yet, recently, Scotty and I have found that our pattern is changing. It’s more like the second graph (and sometimes the third) where we’re having longer periods spent in Spirit World. This is creating a great change in our lives.

We began to identify the things that keep us below the line in 3D – wondering about the future, worrying about terrorism and our government, concern for women in the world, seeing our lives from a linear or limited view, mortality, (pretty scary stuff!), and fear about money and retirement. In fact, as we discussed this subject over lunch, we repeatedly announced, “Hey, there’s another one that keeps us below the line in 3D!”

When we identified the 3D thieves, we consciously elevated our thought back to Spirit World. Even brief moments made a big difference. (Of course, you also have to be grounded in 3D and live practically!)

As we reframed our conversations, our energy was lifted and we enjoyed contemplating the divine.

Here are some wonderful ways to help you increase your percent of time in Spirit World:

  • Blessing, praise, adoration, and honoring
  • Gratitude, joy, caring and love – and expressing them
  • Listening for spiritual realizations
  • Journaling
  • Praying for divine guidance & communion
  • Being conscious even for a moment of Spirit World
  • Living with integrity
  • Going to Spirit World to solve 3D problems
  • Opening and filling the heart chakra with love and compassion
  • Opening to the Light, just for the sake of it
  • Coming into the present moment
  • Mindfulness and awareness and viewing your life as an observer
  • Witnessing the divine nature in others

The effects are powerful! Here’s a few effects that Scotty and I experience Think of these as your “Life Benefit package”:

  • Healing occurs!
  • Ego lessens
  • Higher Self emerges!
  • As a result of contemplating Spirit World, life gets restructured, orchestrated, and launched from a potent place of greater expansion, abundance, health, joy, and opportunity!
  • Residing in Spirit World creates more open spaces, ease, balance, and relaxation
  • Synchronicities occur causing you to be in the right place at the right moment.
  • Spirit World: directs and guides and protects you.
  • It activates you spiritually for greater blessings!
  • It creates spiritual connection and awareness.
  • You become spiritually enlightened!
  • It creates harmony and lifts you, even though there are still problems and concerns in 3-D and even those are slowly improving if not yet completely healed.

As an example, throughout last year, Scotty and I spent more time in Spirit World, contemplating our lives from an eternal perspective and identifying ourselves primarily as divine. It became a top priority as well as an increasingly uncontrollable passion! Yet, throughout the year, it looked as though our income for the year would be small. It didn’t feel like we were working hard and there was a lot of wonderful free time and open spaces for growth and contemplation to enjoy our lives. Were we being foolish as though our heads were in the sand?

Well, at the end of the year, we saw that our income had produced one of our best years ever! We were shocked! How did that even happen? Our time in Spirit World had very practical outcomes!

As a result of all these benefits for us, we’re now even more motivated to live as graph 3.

How about you?

By the way, my blessing includes you! So, see you in Spirit World!

P.S. These graphs came to me as a result of Between Lives Soul Regressions. You can read more about that right here.

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