The “No Matter What” Prosperity Mindset

When you pray or meditate regarding your prosperity, you’re likely to feel much better and your outlook greatly improved.

But what about a few weeks or months later when there’s been little or no improvement? Where’s the money? What about the results?

Hmmm… you’ve continued your mindfulness practice, reminding yourself of all the spiritual insights and wisdom and truths as you’ve held to them and loved them. And you’ve kept up with daily asking & listening for divine guidance (pretty well). And yet, still, there’s been no improvement.

What then?Spiritual Warrior

That’s when you become a true spiritual warrior for your right to be prosperous. It means you are about to grow in the only way possible for you. You dig in your heels and say, “This practice is working and I represent All That Exists right now! And, “No matter what, I’m standing my ground!”

What happens is that everything in the universe lines up behind your grand stand. This will place you in a period where, just by standing strong, you will grow. The growth will take you to a stronger and higher place in consciousness & it will show you what it’s like to use so many muscles in your consciousness to stay strong. Your consciousness will never be the same, never retreat from such a powerful place. A place you’ve never been until now, out of necessity.

And it will ground you there each and every time you say, “No matter what happens, I’m holding this position and I’m not caving in!” Your stay-power will only increase – as will the capacity of your consciousness to become far greater in its power – and for all time and all circumstances.

The unintended consequences are also powerful. So, whenever you need to take a stand again, in the future, for anything whatsoever, you will find yourself much stronger. That’s because you know what it takes to stand strong and stay strong in your position. You are no longer naïve to think that just because you take a strong stand that you won’t be tested.

You already know that the big winds will blow right after your stand. You already know that the winds could create big storms, even tidal waves, and you are prepared to dig in and see your stand throughout the turmoil.

You’ve learned through practice that just because you wake up really good one time, it doesn’t mean it’s forever, even though you feel really invincible that one time. But that one strong, powerful time you took your stand taught you well that it’s a position you intend to live from. You won’t retreat, nosiree!

So, let’s review. What was that strong stand again? The one you could say afterward, “No matter what!”?

You reached your strong stand by remembering a few basic things. And you can return to recall them at any point. Here are a few of them:

  • You refuse to dream for even another second that you are mortal, alone, helpless, stuck, burdened, or struggling to make a living or exist. Or that this state is going to continue.
  • You recall that, in your awakened state, you are strong, comforted, assured, fearless, & even looking forward, knowing that this awakened state is what has carried you through, since before the world was. And it always will, since you’re under divine care, always guiding and protecting you and your family. Let’s pause right here and celebrate.
  • You realize that what appears to be creating your monetary success is simply sourced in right ideas. How many of those do you have? Right! Unlimited!
  • You sit quietly in this place of complete assurance, knowing that something profound has happened to your outlook, which will have an immediate effect on your opportunities for abundance and prosperity.
  • You hold this stance, dig in your heels and say, “No matter what, this is the truth and I’m standing tall in it.”
  • Then you relax in full surrender to this process and allow the Universe, along with your guides, to stage your wonderful abundance and allow them to show it to you as you fully realize that this is the way abundance takes place to one who acknowledges their divine origin!

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