Increase Your Spiritual Practice & Power for a Happier Life!

Recently, I developed a list of my most valuable spiritual practices. I love this powerful, simple list!

So when a big (and old) problem hit last week, I pulled out my list and began to follow it in order to increase my spirituality & power. My intention was to go to the place outside of the problem, where the problem doesn’t exist. And then allow the higher vibration from my spiritual practice (see list below) to overtake and heal the problem.Spritual-Healing-Power-Banner

After reading over the list of practices, I picked one of the practices and remained there while I allowed myself to go to a higher vibration. It was mostly effortless focusing. By afternoon, I looked over the list and saw I could check off a lot of the things listed, having practiced most of them.

While reviewing the list, I also realized I was in a very new place regarding the old problem.

I realized that the problem, which had been with me a long time (and felt almost impossible to shift), had transformed from a place of enormous, long term aggravation (I’d lost a lot of sleep, was feeling tense, frustrated, and was immobilized from back pain), to one of complete peace. Now that’s spiritual healing power!

Here’s my list! (FYI, this list is incorporated in my comprehensive 5 week coaching program to increase your spirituality and power).

This practice will increase your spirituality & power

Rate yourself on these practices – scale between 1-10 – and you will see how powerful they are for healing yourself. And yet they are so simple to practice:.

  • Daily and actively trust your faith and keep it alive.
  • Remember God each hour and connect.
  • Listen for divine inspiration.
  • Read something that inspires you.
  • Turn to God periodically, day and night, (asking and listening to divine messages) journaling what you are learning.
  • Turn to angels & ask for their help in a clear way that you can know for sure that it was them
  • Presence God as though you were a divine being on earth, representing God
  • Witness the divine, & when you do, make a mental note that you are actually witnessing God in your 3D experience. (ex. witness God in yourself, in others, and in moments that you feel a divine presence, which is so precious!)

Let THIS practice begin to override all other things in your life. This is a practice of increasing your spiritual senses (outside the problem) versus the onslaught of the material senses (where the problem resides).

By doing this, you allow pain, aches, worries, fears, concerns about money, future, your love life, aging, etc. to be reduced and dissolved by the all-powerful divine Light, which is within you – and, once acknowledged, it takes over and overrides all else.

Let me know how you’re doing with this practice!

In case you’re interested, here’s the course I teach to increase your spirituality & power

Spiritual Loneliness

A spiritual life can feel lonely.

Just about every person I know who is on a spiritual path longs for deep, relevant spiritual community. As spiritual devotees, we live very differently than most other people. And we seem to be scattered, not on every corner.SP-LHCover_flat-1-600

We’re a new and different breed than others because we have daily spiritual practices, read spiritual books, have strong spiritual interests, a passion for deep purpose & learning about who we really are & what is really going on, and participating at that authentic level.

It’s on our mind. We carry it in our heart. It lights our flame! It’s our ongoing reality! And we’re strong investigators! This is often mostly hidden from the world so we don’t feel known or identified by who we truly are, or at our depth. This can create a feeling of isolation and even loneliness.

What can you do about it? [Read more…]

Do You Need a Hot Extraction – or a Grand Awakening?

In your close relationship, are you stuck? Need a quantum leap, in some new direction, in order to get yourself free?

In the Navy Seal team movie, “Act of Valor,” they showed the team’s impressively powerful ability to create a plan to free one of their people who was held captive in a remote jungle setting. They called it a “hot extraction.” It was impressive with ammunition, skills, brute strength, effective communication, equipment, & a lot of intelligence, midst great danger.

hot extractionIt made me think of some of the relationships I’ve had in my life where I probably held on too long & needed to be rescued – maybe by a hot extraction! It’s hard to evaluate a relationship during a time when feelings run high or while feeling strongly attached to the idea, “It’s just got to work!”

Like the Navy Seal team’s execution of a hot extraction, there are a lot of skills needed to know what to do and whether or not to extract yourself. Unlike the Navy Seal team, none of these skills, however, call for explosives, running, yelling, violence, or shooting someone.

But it does call for deep reflection and quiet thinking about what you really want. And whether you’re willing to settle for less than you want or deserve.

Sometimes we are stuck in “captivity relationships” because of loyalty or fear. Sometimes we just can’t let go. Other times, the love has left long ago but we’re still attached from our time invested together.

hands with heart and light

The real question, perhaps, is to ask if a grand awakening is possible. That would be where one or both partners wakes up and resets the “it’s been god-awful together but maybe we can learn to be new with each other” button. What would that be like? What kind of plan or tools would you need in order to fulfill such a hope? And is it even possible?

First off, you need both parties to mutually and equally agree that they’re willing to work on it at the level of 100%. You need an open, honest, loving, calm discussion about the relationship. There needs to be safe space created to discuss the problems and examples of how and why you feel the way you do. This is where it can get explosive. [Read more…]

How Spiritual Healing Works

No matter what you may be going through right now. No matter what you’ve gone through in the past. And no matter what you will be going through in the future or to what degree of difficulty, this is how spiritual healing works.

hands and light

The Light moves upon the darkness. It’s not the other way around, though often when we’re caught in a dark place, it feels like the light is far from us and powerless to help. Yet, it is the Light which actually carries supreme power. And the Light is greater than darkness. It’s the remover of darkness.

This is the simple process of healing. And it works.

You are the Light. As a Light being, you are immortal, pure, divine, and purposeful. As you consciously view yourself in this way, this high vibrational Light has the power to trump dark energies. [Read more…]

Seeing Yourself as a Spiritual Being

For decades, I’ve been passionate about identifying myself as well as my clients as Spirit Beings. I don’t know how I knew this, but somehow I knew that once I could view their true essence, and loved them, that their spiritual healing would follow. And it usually does.who are you

Here’s a wonderful example.

Last fall, my 93 year old mom had double pneumonia, an infection that ran throughout her body. It was right after she had recuperated from a previous pneumonia. We couldn’t believe it was happening all over again, except even much worse this second time.

I recall the first night in the hospital. She was in intensive care and I was on a cot on the floor. Deeply concerned from the poor odds that the doctors were giving her, I laid on the cot, asking the angels what to even think about this and how to direct my prayers. [Read more…]

Do You Need to Consult Your Angels?

I recently reviewed pages of last year’s journal. There were moments I was filled with wonder at how beautifully things were unfolding to me and what I was learning. There were also moments where I was crying out for greater understanding of my life & where I felt like I was in the darkness of the unknown. I allow myself to explore all the feelings when I journal.

There are a few things I noticed from this review of last year’s journal.

First of all, I noticed how quickly things change. One minute I’m journaling agony and the next minute I’m spilling over with gratitude for almost unbelievable blessings. The story changes constantly.

Throughout my journal, I see how I constantly turned to angels. They’re my God-connection. I love everything about angels. Their presence, power, love, comfort, intelligence, and ability. They are our direct line to God.

Here’s some of the sentences from various places in last year’s journal which caused me to turn to angels for help or to notice I’d come to a new and better plateau. [Read more…]

An Example of the New Energies

My blog a few days ago talked about how these are magical times, characterized by more effortlessness in some ways. This often appears as several things come together with ease and offering a synchronistic experience. (Hang on, I have an example coming up!)

My blog also shared that a lot of old information that has been buried is now surfacing, and it appears to be doing so with the effect of a cleansing, These are the new energies. They come almost effortlessly and clear out the old and allow the new to be an improved state from before.

Here is a great example that just came up today. [Read more…]

How Are You Doing with The Acceleration of Energies?

Dec 21st 2012 has passed and we didn’t fall off the planet. But there are great energies at work and perhaps that’s the bigger story. I wrote about this before, but I feel led to say a little more.

Have you noticed the increasing acceleration of energies?

These energies are helping to unclothe hidden, blocked emotional areas that have needed clearing perhaps even since childhood. It’s as though we’ve been forced to come face to face with our old memories, relationships and feelings. It’s revealing a need for final healing. We’re being helped by this, although it is difficult and stressful.

As a healer of many decades of experience, I can tell you that such clearing is the very thing that is uncovered in healing nearly all major problems, even physical problems such as diseases or tumors.

Also, the acceleration of energies, for several years now, have been responsible for the surfacing of ugly, hidden deceptions within our financial institutions, food industry, and governments. Breakdowns are occurring whenever these areas have been built on false premises of greed and selfishness, serving only a few. Long term secrets kept hidden from the public are being revealed to be dealt with. We’re being given the opportunity to right the wrongs. [Read more…]

How Attached Are You? A Lesson From My Tree

Here she is in all her glory, my companion, a ficus! Just moments before we took her down.
Many things went through my mind and heart.

When I moved here just 20 years ago, she was small. Over the years of lovingly adding mulch and organic supplements to the whole yard, she tripled in size.

As I sit in my office, I’ve had twenty years of looking through the window with admiration and appreciation. She’s been the center of focus as I ascended into higher realms of healing prayer. Her stationery position anchored me for the enormity of infinite contemplations. These daily, long term meditations inspired many healings for myself and others.

Now, she was coming down.

Was I being unfair or disrespectful for something that had added so much to my life? How much would I miss my ficus which on many days looked to me like she was lit with glory itself.

In short, I was evaluating my level of attachment, which in ancient Buddhist teachings warn that it can create suffering. Grasping and attachments can be the source of pain. Yet, there’s a fine line between appreciation and being unable to let go after a relationship has served its purpose. We suffer when we can’t release ourselves from an attachment. [Read more…]

Healing the Tragedy at the Sandy Hook Elementary School

It’s almost 3 am, many long hours after hearing news of the tragedy that took the lives of 20 children and 6 adults at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, plus the shooter’s mother at home. It’s impossible for me to sleep.

Images of the children and adults in their terrifying last moments of life haunt me. As do thoughts of how utterly brokenhearted their loved ones are at this moment and will be for the rest of their lives.

As a healer, I feel called upon to offer my highest and best efforts towards helping the victims’ loved ones at a time of such tragedy. I also need to find peace of mind for myself.

I’ve been in quiet listening for divine guidance and would like to share with you what has come to me. It’s also helpful to know, as you continue to read, that as we each find healing, it simultaneously adds to everyone’s healing of the incident. [Read more…]