Should You Give Up Hope Finding Your Soulmate?

The biggest question for those who are older than thirty five and single is more about whether or not to keep hope alive for finding your soulmate. (I know, an awful subject, but I’ve got to bring it up!)

And if you’ve been through a lot of loser dates, you may be thinking, “If I only knew that I would be facing the rest of my life without my soulmate, would I be better off knowing now so I wouldn’t go through decades of longing?”soul-mate_sm

My question is this, “Does it always have to be an ultimatum of soulmate – or no soulmate?” It’s as though we’re betting everything on love only coming in a soulmate package. Do you believe this is true? Can there be precious, adoring, deep, magnificent love outside the paradigm of the person being your soulmate?

I believe this is possible. It is my deepest belief that there is a wonderful somebody for each of us. I have no doubt about it. I’ve lived long enough to see, firsthand, wonderful relationships offering deep love and compatibility as life companions. They include laughter, sharing, caring, and even maturity (Let’s face it, happiness is limited and fragile when only one of you is mature). There’s a lot to be said for love coming in a package other than “soulmate” branded on it. And it’s a package worth opening! [Read more…]

The Energy that Attracts Your Soul Mate

If you’re in a state of longing for love, it means you’re stuck.

Usually, when we go after something, we’re engaged in an energy that’s forward moving. This energy is loaded with ideas, hope, & intention. Then, after a while, when there’s little outcome, our energy wanes and we begin to wonder if we can really pull it off? Can we really attract to us what we want or need – like a soul mate? After all, we tried and tried. And nothing happened. Instead of attracting a soul mate, we wind up feeling unempowered and doubting.soulmate-soul-pair-couple-shirt_design

Here’s something that may turn your longing state into a state of powerful attraction.

Have you ever noticed the type of energy people carry around finding their soul mate?

Some people hold their energy in a loud place. They let people know they want a soul mate. They talk about it a lot. Their energy is mostly carried in an outward, in an excited & nervous state. It’s a heightened emotional state but not necessarily a heightened vibratory state. These people may be continually occupied with the notion of finding their soul mate, but it’s more like they’re spinning their wheels, marching in place, not advancing.

What’s wrong with this picture? It’s as though they believe that if they hope for and long for something hard enough and long enough that somehow this will bring it about. This is actually a state of helplessness, pitifully lacking power. You have a choice to advance from this place and to experience a new realm of what’s possible in love. [Read more…]

If A Lizard Can Re-Grow a Tail, Then Surely You Can Generate a Soul Mate!

Lobsters and amphibians can regenerate tails and claws based on the scientific principle of morphogenetic fields. Science explains this as an organizing field that actually guides the development of form into being. That means there’s a field that holds the idea of what’s possible in every area of life.

For example, the Empire State building first existed as an idea. Someone first conceived of the idea of an Empire State Building. As the idea was held in mind as a possibility, there was first an invisible organizing field that developed and it later was brought into being.

Of course, there was a great deal of human effort involved. The Empire State building didn’t just appear out of nowhere. But it did follow a certain principle of coming into being. This same principle applies to finding your soul mate. [Read more…]

Ask the Higher Realm to Arrange for Your Soul Mate

Soul mate relationships come at divine Love’s call. In order to find your soul mate, you may need to ask a higher realm to arrange for your soul mate. Let’s explore this further.
Since a soul mate relationship is a sacred one, with divine roots, you’ll want to turn to your Higher Source and make a strong request.

Hold this divine connection in your highest realm as a special place where you go to receive answers, beginning with massive comfort, reassurance that help is on the way, and to have an immediate response with arrangements for you & your soul mate to unite.

This is a different approach than the usual feeling of being all alone in your quest, while wondering if the meet up will ever happen, doubting it’s possible. You aren’t depending on luck or an accidental meeting. (Although often something divine does seem accidental, it’s actually not what it appears to be. These things are arranged elsewhere.) When you consult the higher realm, you’ve invoked power from a spiritual dimension where your great soul Plan can be activated for you. And it comes with blessings of love.

This is going to be a high heart experience. Prepare yourself by beginning to open your heart for love. As you do, you may find that old emotional hurts and wounds surface. That’s okay. It’s time to have them cleared out to make room for the real thing.

Your prayer-connection may go something like this. [Read more…]

How to Choose & Attract Your Soulmate

Sourcing my own 20+ years of my fabulous soulmate relationship with Scotty, my husband, I can tell you it only gets better. But it all begins with attracting & choosing the right one.

Since both Scotty and I previously chose the wrong soulmate, we have learned a tremendous amount. I’d like to share with you what I’ve found that works – and what doesn’t work.

It is your soul which is longing for your soulmate. That’s because your soul is on a spiritual mission. It needs a great deal of help to express itself at a visible level.

So, at the core of a soulmate relationship is each other’s souls. It’s a different type of relationship than any other. It’s one where you learn about the core essence and values of each other (your souls) and you learn to love this with all your heart.

This means learning how to spot signs that your soulmate’s life needs extra encouragement, help, uplifting, and helping them to remember how wonderful they are. You share this from your own heart and vision of them. They get it. [Read more…]