How to Choose & Attract Your Soulmate

Sourcing my own 20+ years of my fabulous soulmate relationship with Scotty, my husband, I can tell you it only gets better. But it all begins with attracting & choosing the right one.

Since both Scotty and I previously chose the wrong soulmate, we have learned a tremendous amount. I’d like to share with you what I’ve found that works – and what doesn’t work.

It is your soul which is longing for your soulmate. That’s because your soul is on a spiritual mission. It needs a great deal of help to express itself at a visible level.

So, at the core of a soulmate relationship is each other’s souls. It’s a different type of relationship than any other. It’s one where you learn about the core essence and values of each other (your souls) and you learn to love this with all your heart.

This means learning how to spot signs that your soulmate’s life needs extra encouragement, help, uplifting, and helping them to remember how wonderful they are. You share this from your own heart and vision of them. They get it. [Read more…]