I Dare You to Give Yourself Permission!

Permission granting is powerful to unlock you from stuck positions.dare

For what have you given yourself permission? And perhaps, more importantly, for what have you not given yourself permission? Could this be what’s been holding you back?

For example, to what extent do you give yourself permission to do the following? It may help you to rate yourself between 1-10 as you read down the list. [Read more…]

Ask the Higher Realm to Arrange for Your Soul Mate

Soul mate relationships come at divine Love’s call. In order to find your soul mate, you may need to ask a higher realm to arrange for your soul mate. Let’s explore this further.
Since a soul mate relationship is a sacred one, with divine roots, you’ll want to turn to your Higher Source and make a strong request.

Hold this divine connection in your highest realm as a special place where you go to receive answers, beginning with massive comfort, reassurance that help is on the way, and to have an immediate response with arrangements for you & your soul mate to unite.

This is a different approach than the usual feeling of being all alone in your quest, while wondering if the meet up will ever happen, doubting it’s possible. You aren’t depending on luck or an accidental meeting. (Although often something divine does seem accidental, it’s actually not what it appears to be. These things are arranged elsewhere.) When you consult the higher realm, you’ve invoked power from a spiritual dimension where your great soul Plan can be activated for you. And it comes with blessings of love.

This is going to be a high heart experience. Prepare yourself by beginning to open your heart for love. As you do, you may find that old emotional hurts and wounds surface. That’s okay. It’s time to have them cleared out to make room for the real thing.

Your prayer-connection may go something like this. [Read more…]

How to Choose & Attract Your Soulmate

Sourcing my own 20+ years of my fabulous soulmate relationship with Scotty, my husband, I can tell you it only gets better. But it all begins with attracting & choosing the right one.

Since both Scotty and I previously chose the wrong soulmate, we have learned a tremendous amount. I’d like to share with you what I’ve found that works – and what doesn’t work.

It is your soul which is longing for your soulmate. That’s because your soul is on a spiritual mission. It needs a great deal of help to express itself at a visible level.

So, at the core of a soulmate relationship is each other’s souls. It’s a different type of relationship than any other. It’s one where you learn about the core essence and values of each other (your souls) and you learn to love this with all your heart.

This means learning how to spot signs that your soulmate’s life needs extra encouragement, help, uplifting, and helping them to remember how wonderful they are. You share this from your own heart and vision of them. They get it. [Read more…]

A Path of Spiritual Discovery Awaits You!

No matter what you think you’re doing – working, playing, running around – there’s a path of spiritual discovery going on deep within you. Are you aware of it? Do you know, for example, what you’re discovering?

Whatever it is that is your current spiritual discovery, you, most likely, won’t know unless it’s either near emergency levels or you’re pausing (like now) to reflect. Let’s do that together.

Let’s go past the superficial layers of what’s showing up on your calendar, the hours you spend on social media responding to everyone, the list of “to do’s,” and what else fills your life and time.

In fact, let’s go past what your emotions are running about all this. What’s concerning you about money, love, or getting your needs met. I guarantee you, there’s a whole other life taking place that is running the whole show. [Read more…]

Are You Making Progress?

Tracking my spiritual progress is a way of measuring my success during my soul’s brief period on earth. In fact, it’s vital to my overall happiness. How do you do that?
I recently took stock of my progress. And I had a big surprise.

In years past, I could measure my progress by the number and quality of spiritual books I was reading, the spiritual themes I was contemplating, the good feelings I was experiencing from the high vibration, and the number of discoveries I was having.

But in my recent evaluation, I realized that I rarely read spiritual books anymore. I’d love to find them and get the great feeling I used to have in discovering an author’s higher state of consciousness, awakening mine further. And I’d love to have the surge of energy and lift that comes from another’s inspiration.

However, I discovered the measurement of my progress has changed in the last couple years. Something had replaced the old way of measuring my spiritual progress. I set out to discover a new way of taking stock of my progress. [Read more…]