Spiritual Loneliness

A spiritual life can feel lonely.

Just about every person I know who is on a spiritual path longs for deep, relevant spiritual community. As spiritual devotees, we live very differently than most other people. And we seem to be scattered, not on every corner.SP-LHCover_flat-1-600

We’re a new and different breed than others because we have daily spiritual practices, read spiritual books, have strong spiritual interests, a passion for deep purpose & learning about who we really are & what is really going on, and participating at that authentic level.

It’s on our mind. We carry it in our heart. It lights our flame! It’s our ongoing reality! And we’re strong investigators! This is often mostly hidden from the world so we don’t feel known or identified by who we truly are, or at our depth. This can create a feeling of isolation and even loneliness.

What can you do about it?

Here’s what I do. I keep the fact in front of me that, around the world, there are others just like me with whom I am deeply bonded. (I forever remember the Tibetan monks!) I feel connected with my spiritual family and all those who have ever lived spiritually on earth.

We make an enormous difference! We’re the Light Workers and yes, we are different than those who are not living in the spiritual awareness that our lives carry great meaning for the evolution of our souls and that our words, energies, motivations, attitudes, prayers, healings, and actions have a great impact on the planet and on each other.

As Light Workers, we are here for learning about our divinity, to recognize others also having a divine origin (even when they aren’t aware of it :), to practice awareness around our ego, and to bring as much divinity down into 3D as we possibly can – through our words, explorations, realizations, spiritual listening, willingness for transformation, intuition, pure living, integrity, loving hearts, observation, wisdom, forgiveness, spiritual energies, devotion, self-reflection, spiritual responsibilities, & personal growth, while remembering our Oneness.

That’s an extraordinary list to have in common with even one other individual. Yet there are many of us! Let’s resonate and celebrate!

I get thrilled when I’m companioned by fresh inspiration! I recently came across a Sanskrit saying, “Jai guru deva om.” Roughly translated, “Glory to the shining remover of darkness. Victory to God divine.” I celebrate that! I’m reading a book, “Mindfulness,” by Joseph Goldstein and the front and back blank pages are so filled with things I love that I’m out of places to take any more notes. One is a quote by Wei Wu Wei, “What you are looking for is what is looking.” I love contemplating that!

I stay pretty much filled with inspiration, deep resonance, and inner peace by my spiritual pursuits. I imagine you do too! Let’s share what we’re learning on the path with each other and feel our amazing presence together! No more spiritual loneliness, agree?

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