My Vision of a New World Coming

Until now, I haven’t had a reason (except hope) that a better world is coming. We’re consumed with the escalation of terrorism. Is this going to be our new norm? Or is a better reality even a possibility?

Right now, most of us are marinating in the news – and it’s bleak and scary.

I’d like to share with you my intuitive view of a different reality that I see  emerging.Rainbow_of_Hope_by_awesome_shrimp

Ever since my first past life regression, and in most of the 24 following regressions, I was shown a vision of a new world coming. It’s beautiful!

Recently, I woke up at 3:15 am and began to write about the new world vision that was unfolding & becoming more knowable to me.

There is no doubt in my mind, that we are birthing an entirely new world right now. You won’t find anything about it on the TV news, but it’s the most newsworthy item I know. When my guides first showed me the new world, I saw a family, whose members were very loving to each other. Then I saw this in a larger view where this would become our new culture. Then, I saw this is a model we would be experiencing on earth.

The vision continued to come in. I was shown that the new world includes 5 models of a new, emerging culture. These four models are: soul families, soul mates, soul businesses, soul communities, and soulful government.

Soul Families

Soul-FriendsMy attention was turned to a family I know. It was my husband’s partner and his family. This family shares something extraordinary! They love being together! Even a simple meal and a movie at home, a walk on the beach, or a conversation sharing their lives. The kids are now grown, but it’s always been this way. They light up over each other. It’s beautiful! In my first vision and many subsequent ones, this vision has been a leading one. This was the first model.

Soul Mates

The second model of the new world I was shown was my own soulmate relationship with my husband, Scotty. It’s the most phenomenal relationship either of us have ever known with 23 years of extraordinary love, joy, and intimacy! We adore each Two heartsother! And we are continually amazed at how immersed we are in each other’s worlds, listening intently to each other’s hearts, every day at our leisurely lunches. We date daily! We often bring journaling, articles, and deep questions to our daily lunches. We share our deepest thoughts and feelings, and can’t seem to get enough! I was shown that our new world will have many soul families and soul mate relationships coming together.  Now that’s a world I want to live in!

Soul Businesses

I was also shown a third model. The model is my husband and his partner’s business. It’s a different model than most businesses because its oriented towards a dedication of service to others vs making money. These two have an extraordinary partnership and business. I’ve said to them so many times how grateful I am to be part of a business that is soul based. It truly has a light about it.Print

For the past 17 years, I’ve been their CSO (Chief Spiritual Officer). We laugh about that title, but it’s powerful. We meet weekly to discuss the nature of our business, its problems and the qualities we share to solve the problems. We identify the vital importance of our values being utilized, practicing integrity and deep insights, reasoning what is our highest sense of right and fairness to all involved. This is what we marinate in!

Carving out these value-oriented motives has led these two to being the talk of the town! Their reputation is golden. This business is meaningful to us all. It leads the way in our community as the right way to do business, which creates massive good will and good feelings, since it’s good for all. And it’s replacing the old view of real estate agents who have been less reputable or untrustworthy.

These two are peace makers, problem solvers, fast responders, listeners, caring, loving, and the most helpful real estate agents you could imagine. I’m proud of who they are and how they conduct their business with the clients’ needs addressed as their top concern. We talk about our clients with great love and we bless them in their need to move forward with their lives.

As a result, my husband’s business has thrived and succeeded. And, along with the hard work, it’s been a lot of fun. This was shown to me as the new way of doing business on earth. I was shown that it’s a business model that will begin to appear more and more.

Soul Communities

And lastly, as the forth model of my vision, my guides caused me to focus on a world with new soulful communities.  As an hands with heartsexample, they reminded me that I have a dear friend who is a humanitarian. For many years, she has organized teams to go over the border to Mexico and build houses for those less fortunate and who need and deserve a better life. She’s been a tireless fund raiser and she’s managed to involve church groups, teens, corporations, retired adults, and anyone interested in helping to pour a foundation, drive a nail, paint, install windows or doors, or anything else needed for these modest homes.

I drive by her house every day and see her pick-up truck filled with things people have dropped off for these communities. Her work has spilled over into orphanages and even building community centers where some of these homes have been built. I often image the joy those new home owners must feel being gifted a home that they would have never had without help from others!

I am filled with admiration for my friend’s motivation and her endless heart-centered work. Her strong compassion has inspired me in many ways. I was shown this to be our new soul community model where we will be living oriented towards helping each other and no longer living in isolation as we do now.

Soul Governing Bodies

I also glimpsed a fifth model of a new governing system of politics that is soulful, tender, loving, honest, and for the people, not for the politicians.

As I was given these individual examples, I could see our new world and how it will be composed of these models. I actually felt it! The feeling gave me a warm, euphoric feeling – and hope!

Of course these models are not yet the norm. In fact, if you listen to the news, you’d be convinced that our new world would be destroyed before this beautiful vision could possibly be realized. But I am deeply heartened to have been given the fore-runner news of what’s to come.

hope is deliciousHere’s the really good news. I was shown that these models and new culture are actually underway and coming soon as our new norm. We’ll be seeing more and more of our loving, new culture appear within the next 12-15 years. I feel, that in spite of the horrible news of violence, that there is a bigger story lurking and soon to surface for us to enjoy a far better world. It’s a world where we have more love, peace, honesty, kindness, harmony, respect, warmth, friendliness, heart-connection, unity, goodwill, and joy. A world with far less isolation and far more unity. I see more smiles ahead and children laughing and playing with safety. I see people helping, caring, and involving themselves. And I see this as a new norm.

What a wonderful vision! I believe this vision was given to me because it’s true.

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