My Healing Approach

All Healing is Possible

Dear Friend,

I’m always asking my clients “Who are you?” I want them to know themselves in the highest possible way because this brings powerful healing and opens lives to great possibilities.

So, who am I? Here’s a quick summary of who I am & what I offer:

I heal through Love, using spiritual intuition and divine guidance. I love to help my clients discover their soul essence.  As a spiritual coach & counselor,  My spiritual healing work empowers my clients to find solutions to life problems – emotional, physical, relationships, & business. I’ve been  CSO (Chief Spiritual Officer) for a real estate team for the past 18 years, helping the team rise to become #1 dominant agents in their area & to expand their domain.

More than anything else, I’m a “Possibility Expert.”  I hold open the possibility for healing to come through.

I recently discovered the power of  healing through the technique of past life soul regression & this has added deep healing dimensions to my healing practice. It’s powerful to know your soul and become self-realized! For information on this, please click the tab above, named “Past Life Soul Regression” or click here. There you will find a full discussion on the subject as well as the best way to contact me and my pricing.

I am author of “Love Heals: How to Heal Everything with Love.” This book will show you my full arsenal of healing ideas & tools – although I keep expanding my healing skills. Also, as a relationship expert, I’m co-author (with my beloved husband Scott) of the best seller,  “The Love You Deserve: A Spiritual Guide to Genuine Love.” So many life problems stem from toxic or poor relationships. This book will clarify and empower you to find the love you deserve – and open your life to more healing.

If you feel led to contact me for a one hour healing session, my price is $120 for the healing session. 

To contact me, please email a brief note (holding off on your story, please) requesting a time. You can email me here.

Payment is made at the beginning of the healing session. I accept Visa or Master Charge.

Though I don’t promise the results you may be wanting, I assure you that I will bring laser and loving attention towards your healing, and I will be channeling what I feel God is causing me to say to you.

I look forward to working with you. Thanks so much.

Much Love,

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