Dissolving the Veil of Love

What if you discovered a secret about love that revealed love is present and available to you at all times and you could experience as much love as you wanted?


But in this discovery, it was also revealed to you that there’s an invisible veil which is hiding these facts from you? And if you could dissolve the veil, you would see and experience all the love you wanted?

And further, that it’s the invisible veil that has prevented you from reaching out for what’s possible in love because the veil has caused you to not believe that love is possible for you.

Let me just say it. Love is behind the veil.  [Read more…]

How Spiritual Healing Works

No matter what you may be going through right now. No matter what you’ve gone through in the past. And no matter what you will be going through in the future or to what degree of difficulty, this is how spiritual healing works.

hands and light

The Light moves upon the darkness. It’s not the other way around, though often when we’re caught in a dark place, it feels like the light is far from us and powerless to help. Yet, it is the Light which actually carries supreme power. And the Light is greater than darkness. It’s the remover of darkness.

This is the simple process of healing. And it works.

You are the Light. As a Light being, you are immortal, pure, divine, and purposeful. As you consciously view yourself in this way, this high vibrational Light has the power to trump dark energies. [Read more…]

My Practice of Divine Healing Love

My practice of utilizing divine healing Love is continuously evolving. We are all evolving & awakening on the spiritual path. Recently, I took a spiritual leap & gained new insights which I am sharing with you below. This has now become my daily spiritual practice. My hope in sharing what’s below is that it will confirm & strengthen your own spiritual practice & bring you closer to Love than you ever dreamed of.

divine femine love-395x240

Divine Healing Love

What She Does & How She Expresses Herself [Read more…]

The Energy that Attracts Your Soul Mate

If you’re in a state of longing for love, it means you’re stuck.

Usually, when we go after something, we’re engaged in an energy that’s forward moving. This energy is loaded with ideas, hope, & intention. Then, after a while, when there’s little outcome, our energy wanes and we begin to wonder if we can really pull it off? Can we really attract to us what we want or need – like a soul mate? After all, we tried and tried. And nothing happened. Instead of attracting a soul mate, we wind up feeling unempowered and doubting.soulmate-soul-pair-couple-shirt_design

Here’s something that may turn your longing state into a state of powerful attraction.

Have you ever noticed the type of energy people carry around finding their soul mate?

Some people hold their energy in a loud place. They let people know they want a soul mate. They talk about it a lot. Their energy is mostly carried in an outward, in an excited & nervous state. It’s a heightened emotional state but not necessarily a heightened vibratory state. These people may be continually occupied with the notion of finding their soul mate, but it’s more like they’re spinning their wheels, marching in place, not advancing.

What’s wrong with this picture? It’s as though they believe that if they hope for and long for something hard enough and long enough that somehow this will bring it about. This is actually a state of helplessness, pitifully lacking power. You have a choice to advance from this place and to experience a new realm of what’s possible in love. [Read more…]

Do You Doubt Yourself?

Recently, when the subject of doubt came up, my inner talk was basically, “I don’t have any doubts. Doubts don’t pertain to me.”

Yet, as I contemplated the subject, I soon realized that I do have doubts.doubts

Here are some examples. Lately, I’ve been thinking, “I hope my spiritual practice is growing powerfully. I wonder if there’s something I’m missing?”

Or, “I doubt I can lose weight. The last few attempts failed.” And another example is, “I hope I’ll be strong enough emotionally and physically to be able to successfully care for my 93 and 94 year old parents as we go forward.”

And finally, “Someone close to me acted like they didn’t care about me. I wonder if I’m loveable?”

Wow! I have some big doubts brewing. Yet, as I thought more, I realized that doubts are fear based, calculating failure rates and insufficiencies.

What about you? What are your doubts? [Read more…]

An Example of the New Energies

My blog a few days ago talked about how these are magical times, characterized by more effortlessness in some ways. This often appears as several things come together with ease and offering a synchronistic experience. (Hang on, I have an example coming up!)

My blog also shared that a lot of old information that has been buried is now surfacing, and it appears to be doing so with the effect of a cleansing, These are the new energies. They come almost effortlessly and clear out the old and allow the new to be an improved state from before.

Here is a great example that just came up today. [Read more…]

How Are You Doing with The Acceleration of Energies?

Dec 21st 2012 has passed and we didn’t fall off the planet. But there are great energies at work and perhaps that’s the bigger story. I wrote about this before, but I feel led to say a little more.

Have you noticed the increasing acceleration of energies?

These energies are helping to unclothe hidden, blocked emotional areas that have needed clearing perhaps even since childhood. It’s as though we’ve been forced to come face to face with our old memories, relationships and feelings. It’s revealing a need for final healing. We’re being helped by this, although it is difficult and stressful.

As a healer of many decades of experience, I can tell you that such clearing is the very thing that is uncovered in healing nearly all major problems, even physical problems such as diseases or tumors.

Also, the acceleration of energies, for several years now, have been responsible for the surfacing of ugly, hidden deceptions within our financial institutions, food industry, and governments. Breakdowns are occurring whenever these areas have been built on false premises of greed and selfishness, serving only a few. Long term secrets kept hidden from the public are being revealed to be dealt with. We’re being given the opportunity to right the wrongs. [Read more…]

The Dawning of the Power of Womanhood

Last weekend, sitting in a large audience watching a circus-horse show, Liberte, I was struck by what I saw. It transported me to a new place that I’d never been before – especially in viewing the relationship between humans and horses.

The show gave beautiful insight into emerging womanhood & her graceful power. Beautiful white Andalusia’s, Arabians, and others, flying into the arena without any bridles or ropes to control them. Running free! I thought to myself, “I’ve never seen this picture before. What’s different about this?” I needed to name it.

I continued to watch. No ropes, whips, yelling, and no force being used. No domination over the animal. It was spectacular and I was awestruck by the beauty of the horses in the wild. Even my one year old grandson, who sat next to me being held by his parents, sat in awe of what he saw – for two solid hours. [Read more…]

How You Can Navigate the Crazy 2012 Energies

There’s an elephant in the doorway, whether or not you’ve noticed or you’ve acknowledged it. It’s those crazy 2012 energies.

According to the Mayan prediction, the sudden acceleration of massive energies (i.e. Hurricane Sandy, your own crises – all are the same 2012 energies) will continue until Dec. 21st, the winter solstice. Whether or not you believe in astrology or psychic predictions, practically no one has escaped the experience of these energies.

Think about it. What is the record of your last few months? Would it be characterized as peaceful? Probably not. More like exhausting, stressful, and for some, unbearable. The pressure is on – towards a healing end.

Here are a few things I’ve noticed about these healing energies racing towards monumental transformation for us all – individually and globally – in just a few weeks. And by the way, they are increasing exponentially. I don’t know what Dec. 22nd will llook like, but I feel confident it’s all good.

  • They come on suddenly and almost with no warning you find yourself in the middle of enormous stress or crises, struggling to cope.
  • The result of the crises is that these energies bring change and transformation. They come in fast. Ask yourself: What are you noticing that’s changing in your life? What are you learning from each of these occurrences?
  • These energies are surfacing hidden, suppressed, or buried negative energies, to be dealt with. It presents an opportunity for clearing and healing. It could be coming from childhood, or more recent. (See how they operated to surface the selfishness and greed at Wall Street’s major investing institutions who we trusted while they secretly fattened their own bank accounts, robbing Americans of their pensions. The ugly truth was unearthed for us all to deal with & cleanse.)
  • The 2012 energies run deep with emotion and agony as we endeavor to birth a new life.
  • They’re all about the reduction of our ego to bring forth the Light of our Higher Selves.

Here’s what I have found helps me navigate the 2012 energies: [Read more…]

The Acceleration of Healing Energies

As a spiritual healer of almost three decades, I have watched the evolution of consciousness perform itself in accelerated higher and finer levels. It is rapidly changing us and our world, now more than ever. We are growing at a breathtaking rate. We are also expanding universally to become more aware of our collective who-ness.

These past few months, especially, the acceleration has brought many surprising changes where it seems easier now to advance through inner realizations, impacting our outer experiences. It’s as though the accelerated energies are awakening us collectively to a new experience of reality – subtle, yet profound. It feels like a bath. It brings quantum cleansing to us in the form of deeply buried knowledge or emotions now surfacing, where we can realize them. It is also powerfully revealing hidden impurities that are bubbling up to be seen and released. [Read more…]