The Truth About Finding Your Soulmate

Scotty and I have written about this all important subject many times. It’s also the #1 question we are asked. So let me tell you straight out that, even though I’m going to share my highest advice, you may not like the answer.  The problem is that the question may take you to a far deeper answer, even requiring a monumental change in your life. Here’s why.

A soul mate, by its very nature, implies something with the soul. It’s not so much about finding the perfect companion because that’s not the leading attraction of a soul mate. It’s about matching Higher Selves and each of your spiritual values. In other words, it’s about your soul selves coming Mysticsstaircasetogether.

This causes another issue to arise. Your soul actually has a purpose or mission. A soul mate relationship serves this purpose. Your soul incarnated for the reason of evolving to higher learning places of: love, joy, understanding, generosity, enlightenment, and peace in spite of the bombardment of the human experience’s crazy energies which distract, bring fear & conflict, and seduce us into a state of confusion, malaise, and imbalances. That’s the road your soul is on.

If you’re actively on that road (i.e. “actively” meaning you’re practicing your spiritual values, broadening your spirituality by reading, studying, reflecting, praying, & making efforts to learn and improve & apply your spiritual integrity to your present hardships,  etc), then there’s a strong chance you’ll find your soul mate. And if you don’t, there’s an equally rich soul path ahead for you. Here’s why. [Read more…]

Life Shifts & Finding Your Soulmate |Beca Lewis of “The Shift” Interviews Shannon Peck

Beca podcast of Shannon

Should You Give Up Hope Finding Your Soulmate?

The biggest question for those who are older than thirty five and single is more about whether or not to keep hope alive for finding your soulmate. (I know, an awful subject, but I’ve got to bring it up!)

And if you’ve been through a lot of loser dates, you may be thinking, “If I only knew that I would be facing the rest of my life without my soulmate, would I be better off knowing now so I wouldn’t go through decades of longing?”soul-mate_sm

My question is this, “Does it always have to be an ultimatum of soulmate – or no soulmate?” It’s as though we’re betting everything on love only coming in a soulmate package. Do you believe this is true? Can there be precious, adoring, deep, magnificent love outside the paradigm of the person being your soulmate?

I believe this is possible. It is my deepest belief that there is a wonderful somebody for each of us. I have no doubt about it. I’ve lived long enough to see, firsthand, wonderful relationships offering deep love and compatibility as life companions. They include laughter, sharing, caring, and even maturity (Let’s face it, happiness is limited and fragile when only one of you is mature). There’s a lot to be said for love coming in a package other than “soulmate” branded on it. And it’s a package worth opening! [Read more…]