Seeing Yourself as a Spiritual Being

For decades, I’ve been passionate about identifying myself as well as my clients as Spirit Beings. I don’t know how I knew this, but somehow I knew that once I could view their true essence, and loved them, that their spiritual healing would follow. And it usually does.who are you

Here’s a wonderful example.

Last fall, my 93 year old mom had double pneumonia, an infection that ran throughout her body. It was right after she had recuperated from a previous pneumonia. We couldn’t believe it was happening all over again, except even much worse this second time.

I recall the first night in the hospital. She was in intensive care and I was on a cot on the floor. Deeply concerned from the poor odds that the doctors were giving her, I laid on the cot, asking the angels what to even think about this and how to direct my prayers. [Read more…]

Is Your Heart Safe to Open?

We’ve all experienced hurt and injustice from others. I’m quick to forgive and move on. Sometimes, however, I get stuck, as I have with a special person, who I stopped caring about some years ago. Without knowing why, I began to have a physical problem. An injured toe wouldn’t

After xrays and consulting with two medical specialists, I felt stuck. The cartilage was gone. I was told that this is what professional athletes experience and to wait and see if the inflammation goes down. I waited for two years. From time to time I did offered myself healing prayer on it. Then recently, out of the blue, I received guidance to seek help from an acupuncturist.

I was astounded at what happened. After the first session, the symptoms changed. It was as though my toe had been dead and then come alive again. And I hadn’t realized it, but the entire area of missing cartilage had been closed off from feeling. Even more, I had a feeling that the healing was much deeper than my toe. [Read more…]

Are You Over Giving?

Loving people tend to give so generously to others that they often over give.

By over giving, they are so focused on giving to others that they rob themselves of important opportunities to love themselves. Do you do this?

Chances are, if you’re a woman and you haven’t investigated your giving habits, you are very likely over giving to others. Men, you may be doing this too. What do you think? Are you an over giver? [Read more…]

Dissolving Hate

Hate is a cry for Love.
The real news story is the power of Love to dissolve hate.

I put down the newspaper, having read yet another story of a hate crime against an innocent person.  The paper also described the entire atmosphere and history of hate in this area of town.  I felt like crying.  “When will it ever end?” I asked.

Then I thought of the higher question, “How will it ever end?  If Love could only pray one prayer that would end all the hate, anger, revenge, violence, and evil on earth, what would that prayer be?” [Read more…]

Rising Above Your Worst Fears

No matter what the problem is, whether it’s financial, physical, or personal relationships, or how aggressive or dreadful it is, the same method of healing works for all problems. That’s because it’s the same divine Presence that answers our call for help. And that’s exactly why you can rise above your worst fears and the problems they represent.

Here’s an example from my own life. One evening, within a very short time, I found myself with an acute urinary tract infection. There was blood, pain, and a whole lot of fear. I felt panic. [Read more…]

Moving in Advance to the Healing Place

You are in the healing place right now

In order to break a brick with your bare hand, some martial arts teach students to visualize, in advance, the successful conclusion – their hand on the other side of the brick.  In this way, accidents and injuries are minimized with surprising success – and bricks are broken with bare hands.

Sometimes I picture healing in this way.  I go to the healing place on the other side of the problem, because that’s the place where, once healing comes, we will be. [Read more…]