My Practice of Divine Healing Love

My practice of utilizing divine healing Love is continuously evolving. We are all evolving & awakening on the spiritual path. Recently, I took a spiritual leap & gained new insights which I am sharing with you below. This has now become my daily spiritual practice. My hope in sharing what’s below is that it will confirm & strengthen your own spiritual practice & bring you closer to Love than you ever dreamed of.

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Divine Healing Love

What She Does & How She Expresses Herself [Read more…]

This Morning, God Visited Me

We all face doubts, fears, and deep insecurities about our lives.light on path

So do I.

Lying in the bed next to my fast asleep husband, the love of my life, I was in deep contemplation, listening for truth.

I decided to be open to the truth, whatever it was, and however it needed to reveal itself. It was a moment stripped of defenses and without the slightest bracing with fear. I gave up all need to control what was to happen. Just truth. [Read more…]

Ask the Higher Realm to Arrange for Your Soul Mate

Soul mate relationships come at divine Love’s call. In order to find your soul mate, you may need to ask a higher realm to arrange for your soul mate. Let’s explore this further.
Since a soul mate relationship is a sacred one, with divine roots, you’ll want to turn to your Higher Source and make a strong request.

Hold this divine connection in your highest realm as a special place where you go to receive answers, beginning with massive comfort, reassurance that help is on the way, and to have an immediate response with arrangements for you & your soul mate to unite.

This is a different approach than the usual feeling of being all alone in your quest, while wondering if the meet up will ever happen, doubting it’s possible. You aren’t depending on luck or an accidental meeting. (Although often something divine does seem accidental, it’s actually not what it appears to be. These things are arranged elsewhere.) When you consult the higher realm, you’ve invoked power from a spiritual dimension where your great soul Plan can be activated for you. And it comes with blessings of love.

This is going to be a high heart experience. Prepare yourself by beginning to open your heart for love. As you do, you may find that old emotional hurts and wounds surface. That’s okay. It’s time to have them cleared out to make room for the real thing.

Your prayer-connection may go something like this. [Read more…]

Healing the Tragedy at the Sandy Hook Elementary School

It’s almost 3 am, many long hours after hearing news of the tragedy that took the lives of 20 children and 6 adults at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, plus the shooter’s mother at home. It’s impossible for me to sleep.

Images of the children and adults in their terrifying last moments of life haunt me. As do thoughts of how utterly brokenhearted their loved ones are at this moment and will be for the rest of their lives.

As a healer, I feel called upon to offer my highest and best efforts towards helping the victims’ loved ones at a time of such tragedy. I also need to find peace of mind for myself.

I’ve been in quiet listening for divine guidance and would like to share with you what has come to me. It’s also helpful to know, as you continue to read, that as we each find healing, it simultaneously adds to everyone’s healing of the incident. [Read more…]

Course in Healing – 4 Easy Steps to Healing (Lesson # 1)

By sharing these steps with you, I hope you’ll feel more confidence on your path of spiritual healing.

Step #1 Don’t claim the problem as personally yours.

Chances are, if you claim it, then the next thing you’ll do is make an affirmation about it, entrenching it even further into your consciousness. For example, if you have lost your job, the automatic claim that would accompany it is, “OMG! I’ve lost my job!” Then the affirmation repeats itself over and over. And with it will be added fear and futurizing about “What if’s…., ” (i.e. What if I can’t find another job? What if I lose my home?) There’s no healing in this.

By breaking the pattern of labeling the problem, you can say to yourself instead, “Well, look at this. My job is ending. I wonder what new beginning will occur now that I’ve made room for something new and wonderful in my life?” This will open you up to healing. This can be applied to any problem such as the loss of a loved one, money, or health. It can be a problem of depression, anxiety, or a dreadful condition worsening. It doesn’t matter. All problems are subject to divine healing. [Read more…]

How We Can Pray for Victims of Hurricane Sandy

I believe that all prayers are answered.

When I watched the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy on TV the day after, it looked unreal. My imagination couldn’t get wrapped around houses washed out to sea, so many people displaced, the World Trade Center looking like Niagara Falls or the widespread destruction. The pictures were unbelievable.

Behind every flooded area or power outage lies a story of victims. Their lives have been changed. As our hearts overflow with sorrow and concern for each one’s well-being, we may feel as though our prayers wouldn’t be big enough to make a difference.

Yet, I have found that regardless of how big or looming or devastating a human problem seems to be, or how many miles it covers, there is a divine, infinitely caring Presence that begs to be witnessed. That’s where we come in. Acting as a volunteer Witness for the Presence makes an enormous difference.

Watching TV news with one horrible story after another, my thoughts turn to God, the divine, healing Presence which each victim is in desperate need of. Here’s what I do to start the healing process within my mind & heart as an active Witness, positioned to override the problem. You can do this too. [Read more…]

Growing Together in Miracles

I’ve missed talking with you! In fact, I’ve come out of retirement as a spiritual healer with 30 year’s experience, to blog my biggest discoveries about healing.

Every day I have experiences just like you. I have a million thoughts all day long… about myself, others, my emotions, reflecting on my life (what’s wrong and what I can do about it), dealing with the world’s news, paying bills, etc.

But what may be a little different about me, and because of my 30 years of healing, is that I continually turn to God for interpreting what is going on, both the big picture and the little one – for myself, others, and the world. In fact, turning to God (or the Universe, or Source, or divine Love, you pick!) is what keeps my soul alive here on earth. I crave it. And the information I receive – some small and some humongous – is something I listen for, wait for, and absolutely treasure. [Read more…]

Your Bigness

Today, I asked the angels for heavenly inspiration to get through the day, both for myself and others – with all the concerns and un-forseen’s!

The inspiration arrived.

It was a realization that, no matter what the day brings, we are bigger than all our problems. We are that big. Big is bigger than anything else, and big only describes goodness.

This means that no matter what problems arise in your day, you are bigger than that. The name of the inspiration is, “You are bigger than that.” [Read more…]

The Entire Solution is Within You

Within you at this moment is the solution to your entire financial situation and for the rest of your life. Consider that you are the solution. The solution doesn’t have to be brought in or created. It isn’t outside of you. It is indwelling and now.

Whatever your thoughts are regarding your present financial situation, no doubt, the thoughts project the answer as not present, as external, and at most, hopefully, coming in the future. Yet this entire line of reasoning is erroneous and without power or basis. [Read more…]

An Infusion of Yin Energy

During this last week I have been awakened by an infusion of yin energy through taking a nutritional cooking class with someone who is incredibly yin. As part of my healing practice I love to honor someone’s soul purpose and Highest Self. Here is an email I sent to this person, honoring her soul:

Dear Nida,

I had insight into who you are and the impact of what you are doing. I want to share it with you.

The biggest thing that I experience is actually bigger than learning about the nutritional food. It’s what you carry within yourself. The yin energy. I have never been around a more feminine woman in my life. [Read more…]