The Dawning of the Power of Womanhood

Last weekend, sitting in a large audience watching a circus-horse show, Liberte, I was struck by what I saw. It transported me to a new place that I’d never been before – especially in viewing the relationship between humans and horses.

The show gave beautiful insight into emerging womanhood & her graceful power. Beautiful white Andalusia’s, Arabians, and others, flying into the arena without any bridles or ropes to control them. Running free! I thought to myself, “I’ve never seen this picture before. What’s different about this?” I needed to name it.

I continued to watch. No ropes, whips, yelling, and no force being used. No domination over the animal. It was spectacular and I was awestruck by the beauty of the horses in the wild. Even my one year old grandson, who sat next to me being held by his parents, sat in awe of what he saw – for two solid hours. [Read more…]