Your Spiritual Checklist for Abundance & Prosperity


For most of us, there are a few dramatic hurdles to jump over in the human experience. One of the top ones is the chronic need for abundance and prosperity. Here’s your quick checklist for your abundance. Each one entails an ongoing practice. Take a look and see how you’re doing. (Many of them are advanced healing tools).

  1. The Prosperity Mindset – hold open what’s possible for you, if you dare! And, without limit!
  2. Square with the fact that you deserve it – and more!
  3. Challenge inner negative thoughts that affirm doubt and fear, which undermine your ability to succeed. Just because you think a thought doesn’t make it true.
  4. Get the big picture: Who are you really? Where are you from and where will you go after your earth experience? This is in charge of determining everything! Let your soul guide this. It knows!
  5. Identify your greatness! Name at least 3 of your qualities of greatness. What’s so important about these qualities? How’s your value now?
  6. Set an intention that you will hold for your greatness. (“My greatness is greater than my smallness. I allow my greatness to lead the way!”)
  7. Practice your identity of greatness – the real you! Who are you? The great one, that’s who! Project that as a blessing into the world, into all your areas of work and money. This isn’t an ego practice. It’s your spiritual practice! And it’s imperative. The world is waiting for you! The world needs this from you! (We do this for our competitors too).
  8. Determine that abundance is part of your destiny-package, for yourself and all who you engage. Your destiny is loaded with prosperity for yourself and others!
  9. Increase your ability to intuit divine guidance. Keep listening and following that – little by little, day by day. Follow that light!

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The “No Matter What” Prosperity Mindset

When you pray or meditate regarding your prosperity, you’re likely to feel much better and your outlook greatly improved.

But what about a few weeks or months later when there’s been little or no improvement? Where’s the money? What about the results?

Hmmm… you’ve continued your mindfulness practice, reminding yourself of all the spiritual insights and wisdom and truths as you’ve held to them and loved them. And you’ve kept up with daily asking & listening for divine guidance (pretty well). And yet, still, there’s been no improvement.

What then?Spiritual Warrior

That’s when you become a true spiritual warrior for your right to be prosperous. It means you are about to grow in the only way possible for you. You dig in your heels and say, “This practice is working and I represent All That Exists right now! And, “No matter what, I’m standing my ground!”

What happens is that everything in the universe lines up behind your grand stand. This will place you in a period where, just by standing strong, you will grow. The growth will take you to a stronger and higher place in consciousness & it will show you what it’s like to use so many muscles in your consciousness to stay strong. Your consciousness will never be the same, never retreat from such a powerful place. A place you’ve never been until now, out of necessity. [Read more…]

Your Bigness

Today, I asked the angels for heavenly inspiration to get through the day, both for myself and others – with all the concerns and un-forseen’s!

The inspiration arrived.

It was a realization that, no matter what the day brings, we are bigger than all our problems. We are that big. Big is bigger than anything else, and big only describes goodness.

This means that no matter what problems arise in your day, you are bigger than that. The name of the inspiration is, “You are bigger than that.” [Read more…]

The Entire Solution is Within You

Within you at this moment is the solution to your entire financial situation and for the rest of your life. Consider that you are the solution. The solution doesn’t have to be brought in or created. It isn’t outside of you. It is indwelling and now.

Whatever your thoughts are regarding your present financial situation, no doubt, the thoughts project the answer as not present, as external, and at most, hopefully, coming in the future. Yet this entire line of reasoning is erroneous and without power or basis. [Read more…]

Abundantly Loved

Let this sink into your heart and into your bones. Here’s how you are known and regarded in Love’s kingdom. Please practice this every day. You are:

  • Loved
  • Adored
  • Precious
  • Honored
  • Worthy
  • Cared for
  • Appreciated
  • Fully and entirely supported, now and always
  • Recognized for excellence and goodness
  • Incomparable
  • Considered top
  • Preferred
  • Singled out as finest
  • Sought out for divine utilization
  • Called forth into action with divine purpose and flowing prosperity
  • Bountifully compensated with abundance throughout eternity
  • Successful, unstoppable, undefeatable
  • Manifesting unlimited good at all times and in all ways
  • Unleashed with infinite potentiality and infinite fulfillment
  • Deemed a treasure!
  • Qualified
  • Chosen by God for highest work with immense and endless compensation
  • Ready to go forward
  • Caused to go forth with harmonious abundance
  • Enacting Love’s will on earth with vast and endless divine guidance, help, and guarantee of immediate and continual success.

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Expect a Miracle

For the next few minutes, take the lid off your thought and think with us in the realm of infinite possibilities.

How do we get there?  Well, imagine the complete fulfillment of your highest, most cherished desire – even if it seems that it would take a miracle for it to happen.  Now examine your thought.  What is your honest expectation that this desire will truly be realized?  It is often hard to envision success because we see so many obstacles in our way and our relentless train of inner negative thinking virtually creates limited expectations. [Read more…]

A New Chapter is Opening

Great changes are occurring.

I sat in bed last night, writing down what came to me intuitively after asking God, “What is going on?!!” Here’s what I wrote, unedited.

During this period we may not see much progress. In fact, don’t look for that type of gratification for the time being in order to access your joy. Look beyond immediate outcomes and the need to feel good as a result of good outcomes. (We’re so wired for outcomes in 3D!!) [Read more…]

Prosperity is Already Within You

We commonly think of prosperity existing outside ourselves. We mostly think of prosperity as something in the future to obtain.

We can make a paradigm shift about prosperity that lifts us into abundance. Rather than perceiving prosperity or money as external to ourselves, we begin with a new perception that prosperity is already within.

I have experienced this many times. The first time occurred when my family had been renting a house for 10 years. During this time I’d watched home prices soar as I lost all hope of ever owning a home. One day, I called a healer and, during our call, I mentioned that we rented a house. This was not the purpose of my call, but she caught my sadness as a young wife and mother. I yearned to own and fix up a house for ourselves. [Read more…]

Abundant Already

We don’t have to make ourselves abundant. We are abundant already!

Abundance is not a process moving from a place of lack to a place of prosperity. This kind of thinking only takes place in the human consciousness, but it never is even thought in the divine and only Consciousness.

Our divine state entitles us to the rich heritage of abundance for all eternity. At no time does our ongoing state of abundance ever stop, become limited, or need more. How could the infinite need more when it is already ALL? Divine Allness is our true state of being. [Read more…]

The Income of a Self-realized Fisherman

If a person earns his living as a fisherman, he is under the impression that his income is always produced by the number of fish he catches. His income will be no greater than this and always limited by this number, which may vary on any given day, depending on how fortunate he is that day. This is the consciousness of one who believes what he sees, and strongly believes in ”form.”

So if the fish aren’t running, or he can’t be in the right place at the right time, or the water is polluted, or there are too many other fishermen fishing the same waters, the “form” speaks of lack and limitation. And this, the fisherman believes, is his state of supply. [Read more…]